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Questions & Answers

1. What is enamel?

Enamel is a material made by fusing powdered glass to a substrate by firing, usually in a temperature between 750 and 850 °C. 


2. Is it dishwasher, oven or freezer safe?

Of course it is! You can wash your enamelware in a dishwasher, don’t worry, it won’t get damaged. The color decoration won’t wash off either. Our decals are well preserved within the enamel layer and are made to last. This is also the case for use in an oven or freezer. You can use enamelware to bake a cake or to freeze ice creams, it won’t change the taste of your food and will still look great!

3. Can I put it into a campfire?

Enamel mugs and saucepans are created especially for people, who like us, love to travel and be among nature. Being on a campfire is really what it does best! Don’t sweat it, your enamelware is very durable, just try boiling water in the middle of nowhere and see for yourself how useful enamelware really is! 

4. Can I use enamel pots on an induction cooker?

Absolutely YES. That’s the beauty of enamelware, it is really universal. Even though enamelware is much older than induction cookers, you can use it together.


5. My enamelware has some imperfections! Why is that?

This is down to the nature of enamelware! Every coat of enamel is applied by the skilled hands of people, not by automatic machines. Dots, shades, etc. are proof of this. These minute details often go unseen unless looking very closely and add unique character to your product. No two products are the same!

6. Is food safe to eat enamelware?

It’s really the safest way to eat or drink, to be honest. It is a completely neutral surface, therefore it doesn’t react with any acids in the food. It doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients either.

7. How should I care for my enamelware?

Enamelware is very durable, but it also can be damaged when handling without proper care. Throwing, dropping or scratching is really not recommended. If it accidentally happens and your enamelware chips on the outside, you can still use it. It will make your enamelware even more unique! However, if you see that your enamelware is damaged in a place that can have contact with food, you should stop using it for such purposes. TIP: You can make a great flowerpot out of old enamelware!

8. Can I use it in the microwave?

Please, don’t even try it! Under the detailed enamel coat, there is high-quality steel, which cannot be used in the microwave.

9. How should I clean my enamelware without damaging it?

Enamel is not really that demanding. A sponge and washing liquid will be sufficient. Just don’t use a scourer! You can try using baking soda when you are left with stains that are difficult to remove.


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