Bon Voyage Pots - Share Review & Win Pots

01 - 30 July 2022


1. Take a photo of you and your Bon Voyage Pots.

2. Make a Facebook post of the photo and must include,

I am very happy with my choice

Bon Voyage Pots, Stronger handles, Better pots!

#BonVoagePots #ShareReviewWinPots


3. Get Likes for this post from your friends
     >10 likes, you will receive a R30 voucher;
     >20 likes, you will receive a R50 voucher;
     >50 likes, you will receive a R100 voucher;
   * Voucher can be used in our Big5 Cookware Online Shop

4. Send us a Facebook message, we will check your post, send you a voucher, and add you to the Lucky Draw Pool.

5. On 11 July, 21 July, 31 July, 2022. Every 10 days we will draw a Lucky Winner, announce and send out one FREE GIVEAWAY Bon Voyage Pots 21LT value @R379.00

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