Whether you want to capture the full flavor of a turkey or keep a free-range chicken moist without brining, a New World Enamel roasting pan with a lid is essential.

The design is ideal for helping meat cook evenly and juicily.

The weight of the enamel-coated steel is just heavy enough to contain heat, while the domed lid allows air to circulate much better than a foil tent would.



At the same time, the design is not so airtight that the meat just steams; instead it basks in its own aromas along with those of any herbs or garlic you lay alongside it.



And because the lower half of the roaster is relatively shallow, the chicken skin is easily crisped once you remove the lid for the last third of cooking. Other covered roasters have similar virtues.



New World Enamel Roasters are light enough to be lifted when filled and also sturdy enough to set over burners to make gravy with the pan drippings.

And the Enamelware is also inexpensive and — no small consideration on the biggest dishwashing day of the year — it's a breeze to clean.